Procedure & terms for white refined/crystal and raw sugar

Sugarful Exports is a full-service agency leveraging year-long partnerships with the 17 largest and certified sugar producing plants in Brazil. We are specialized in global sugar sales, from customer acquisition to contract signing, being the only one between you and the supplier.

Please read before making an inquiry

To prospective buyers, we recommend assessing the sales processes prior to seeking a price estimate. This approach will enable your company to get ready to adhere to the procedures within the established timeframes.

1) Start by specifying your demand, including
– product type
– total quantity
– port of destination
– target price. 
2) Verify if your company has the capability to issue a financial instrument (such as SBLC or DLC) through one of the world’s top 50 banks
3) Proceed by formally requesting a price quotation.

Our procedure

  1. Buyer or Buyer’s Mandate issues the Letter of Intent (LOI) and a copy of bank’s proof of funds.
  2. Seller or Seller’s Mandate issues the Soft Corporate Offer (SCO).
  3. “Buyer” issues an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) with this SOP, with details of the account that will issue the “SBLC” guarantee, a copy of the passport and copy of the Company Certificate.
  4. “Seller” issues FCO or directly draft of Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) with copy of passport and Company Certificate, shipping schedule to the Buyer.
  5. After mutual agreement, the Seller and Buyer sign and seal the SPA.
  6. Buyer issues POF (Proof of funds) bank to bank by *MT799* and Seller responds with the POP (Proof of product) also bank to bank MT799.
  7. After the buyer receives the certificate of product existence thought his bank, the Buyer issues an SBLC, irrevocable, transferable, divisible from TOP50 bank in the “*VALUE of ONE MONTH SHIPMENT*” and validity of 12 months and one day (or DLC renewable until the end of contract).
  8. Seller sends 2% performance bond to the Buyer and send the product to the shipping port.
  9. The seller sends all shipping documents and SGS report to the Buyer’s Bank.
  10. Buyer send payments by MT103 for each shipment *at port of loading*.
  11. After payment of the last shipment, the Seller’s bank returns DLC/SBLC guarantee to the Buyer’s bank
  12. We refrain from sending physical samples.
  13. To safeguard the privacy and identity of our suppliers, we abstain from uploading photos or videos.