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Our primary objective at Sugarful Exports is to ensure a dependable supply of high-quality sugar at competitive pricing, while maintaining stringent quality standards. We achieve this by leveraging our strong partnerships with certified sugar suppliers in Brazil, consistently sourcing the finest sugars at competitive rates. Sugarful Exports is a full-service agency specializing in global sugar sales, managing all aspects from customer acquisition to contract signing. We serve clients across the entire globe.

Brazilian Sugar

Introduced during the colonial era, sugarcane has evolved into a pivotal component of the Brazilian economy. Brazil stands as the foremost producer of sugarcane globally, leading in both sugar and ethanol production. Moreover, it continues to expand its presence in the international market by promoting biofuels as a sustainable energy substitute.

Regarding ICUMSA – ICUMSA serves as a global organization that coordinates the efforts of National Committees for Sugar Analysis in over thirty member countries. These committees work under various subject categories, each overseen by a designated referee.

An ICUMSA rating serves as an international measure for indicating the purity of sugar in a solution, and it is closely linked to the sugar’s color. It’s important to note that there are different types of ICUMSA units. In the case of Brazilian sugar, a lower ICUMSA value corresponds to a whiter sugar product.